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This orphanage, supported and served by some long-time Zimbabwe friends of Sue Dee, is home to over 80 kids of all ages. Sadness and optimism often go hand-in-hand here, as many of the kids are sick with HIV (and sadly, some have died here), while others are venturing out with new-found vocational skills that will help them make it in a country where the economy is still unsettled.


Chicken City Farms is a poultry farming training school started in October 2013 on a 17 Acre piece of land located in Uganda, Africa. Chicken City Farms has a capacity of over 20,000 broiler/meat chickens on the main farm and 6,000 of the same on the graduate farm. On the farm, there is a hydro-electric power line, two water wells and a 1.5km very nice dirt road from the main highway to the farm has been built and maintained. This has helped the community by increasing the value of their properties alongside Chicken City Road and making it easy to access the main road.
In the past two years, over 100,000 broiler birds and over 200,000 eggs have been sold from the farms.

Over 30 direct jobs on the farms have been created with 75% occupied by women working in chicken houses/coups, 15% youth and 10% men.
Over 20 young men have been trained in a unique construction technology using the interlocking soil stabilizing blocks, a new way of conserving the environment.
Four interns/graduates have graduated from the training program and have developed a four-acre graduate farm. Three of these graduates have received a poultry business worth $15,000 and over 15,000 broiler chickens have been raised by them. Through the community outreach program, over 10 community groups, both from Government and other NGOs, with over 300 people have been trained in better farming methods focusing on general poultry management and financial literacy. These have been conducted on the farm and through this, more people have been able to improve on their incomes.


Homes of Love creates families for orphaned, abandoned, and other at-risk children in Cambodia, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. The love, sense of belonging, and connection to community that comes through living in a family helps our Homes of Love children to escape the dangers of poverty, abuse, neglect, and sexual exploitation to grow into thriving adults. For this reason, we partner with Christians in each country to identify, train and support in-country godly parents to raise these children as their own. In HOL families, children receive guidance and love from parents, as well as healthcare and access to education. We believe God intends for every child to grow up in a family and it is our goal to create families for life. HOL parents spend their lives 24/7 teaching and training their HOL children, investing in the next generation. HOL high young adults often teach Sunday school and VBS.


Sylvia Agaba is the FOCUS Child Project Director. Sylvia is a former FOCUS child, who grew up in the Mulago slums with her 10 siblings. FOCUS changed her educational life, and she was able to attend college. While at college, Jesus changed her spiritual life, and she became a Christ-follower. A few years later she started to volunteer at FOCUS to give back what was given to her, and a few years ago, she came on staff as their Child Welfare Officer. She became the director this past summer.
The child project is a department of FOCUS (Fellowship of Christian Unions) and is a community-based outreach program to the Mulago-Kalerwe slum community in which the FOCUS center is situated. The project supports 203 children from the Mulago-Kalerwe slum community in Kampala, Uganda. These children are supported financially through individual sponsorship so that they have the opportunity to attend school and also be provided with their basic needs. Through various educational programs, FOCUS exposes these children to opportunities that will help them develop spiritually, physically, socially, and economically.
The project does not necessarily support orphans, but supports any needy children in the community. This is primarily done as the center emphasizes the importance of education, empowers children to meet their own economic needs through teaching them livelihood skills, and seeks to provide for their basic needs. In targeting the children, FOCUS also hopes to reach the parents, and therefore the wider community, in order to influence the community's values.


Sue is a native of Zimbabwe, and is fellowship church’s relational connection to ministry opportunities in Zimbabwe. Sue is instrumental in helping to connect our body to various ministries and ministry needs in Zimbabwe on an annual basis. Here is what Sue says about those trips:

Going on a short term mission trip can be very impactful. As teams work together and serve alongside people in communities, life change and transformation takes place on both sides.
It’s our experience with our teams to often see short-termers come back challenged by how they view missions. For many it becomes less about a two week trip and more about how I live on mission every day. How I can direct my life purpose towards completing the great commission wherever I am?

Several young members have since served under our partners for extended periods and are leaders in various organizations. Others have committed to working under global missions groups in foreign countries. Most would say their short term trip to Zimbabwe was part of what
propelled them towards these life focuses. We offer an experience through which God moves in young lives to change how they do life.


Shelley and Alistair have been serving with Lasting Impressions Christian Camp for 20 years. They run educational camps for students with diverse backgrounds from all over the country. Zimbabwe has gone through some tough times and often the youth have bleak views of the future. The Croudaces’ goal is to give them hope by introducing them to Jesus Christ and by equipping them with leadership skills, basic life skills and a healthy respect for their environment. There is tremendous potential in Zimbabwe’s youth. Shelley and Alistair are uplifting them to make a difference.