Big Updates for


Our service times are now 9:15am & 11am. This change will help our volunteers who attend one service and serve in another have less downtime between services.


As we have evaluated our attendance over the past several weeks, we are excited to announce that registration is no longer necessary. Now that we know what our general attendance will be each week, we can safely worship without the registration process. We still encourage you to leave two seats between each group, and masks are also still expected.

Let's do this together

Even though we are removing registration earlier than anticipated, we still need your help to rebuild our volunteer teams in Connections and Kids Ministry. And it's not just about filling a job—it's about creating a culture of service and an environment of hospitality. We know many of you are looking for a way to help and make a positive contribution to our community, so we hope that you would consider serving on Sunday. Many have already responded, but we still have a ways to go before reaching our goal. If you aren't currently serving, we'd love to help you get started!

Thank you all for your patience and your willingness to work with us over the past year! As this challenging season of registration is coming to a close, we are so grateful to have endured alongside this church family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are masks expected for everyone, even with a medical condition? 
Yes, at this time, everyone is expected to wear a mask in the building.
What does “open seating” mean?
“Open seating” means that you will be able to pick your seats in the worship center, and every row will be open. We ask that you leave two seats between you and the next group/individual.
If you have any questions, please email us at