Martha started a Christian Church in Tijuana and was working with some needy families. This led to starting the “Tijuana Christina Mission” (TCM) orphanage in 1964. TCM has served thousands Martha started a Christian church in Tijuana and was working with families in need. TCM has served thousands of kids over the 54 years, providing them with a safe, loving, Christ-centered environment and an opportunity to attend school and even college.

Sara, her daughter, founded one of the few battered women’s shelters in Tijuana over 18 years ago. It is a safe place where women and their children can escape their abusers, find physical safety, and experience the love, healing and hope of Christ. As their children often have no birth records, they are at higher risk for trafficking because they “do not exist.” Sara works with local authorities to provide legal paperwork for these children.


For years, Albert had been attending a mission- focused church in Los Angeles, and it was in his heart to be an evangelist. He began visiting Tijuana, Mexico as part of a relief effort after a terrible fire at the city dump with many houses burned. As Albert ministered among the people, a Bible study started, and the next thing he knew, a church happened! He never went to Tijuana to be a pastor—that was a surprise. The church has many challenges. Conditions were and still are very severe in communities in and around Tijuana. People need the Lord desperately. He is still an evangelist, working with various teams from the U.S. and Mexico. But the Lord has taken him down a very different road than he ever could have imagined or thought.

The community Pastor Albert serves, once in such desperate need when he first arrived there 15 years ago when the old city dump was still open, is now reaching out of itself on a monthly basis to serve the new city dump 20 miles away, as well as serving the homeless and refugees at the border.